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Motortown.  Greektown.  Hockeytown.  Corktown.  Detroit in all its identities is a place that, after over 300 years, still manages to stand on its feet.  The legacy that Detroit leaves us is one of determination, grit and tenacity in the face of adversity, the struggle against odds to not only survive but thrive. 

Detroit may be well known for its cars, and before that it was an established military fortress and trading post between America and Canada.  It's the oldest American city outside of the original thirteen colonies.  But what makes Detroit a great place to be is the music.  From the "Sound of Young America" to the sound of garage rock, the music that Detroit has produced will keep its legacy alive for generations to come.  It's why we use Detroit as our name.

We are Detroit Radio Company.  Our mission is to present the best that Detroit has to offer to the world.  Our productions are distributed internationally.  We want to add to the legacy of our hometown. 

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